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In 2009' HMS was birthed upon this forsaken planet to bring the most brutal strains possible for the masses to rot their minds.
Having an obsession for heavy metal & cannabis, an obvious void was desperately needing to be filled with the concept of smashing heavy metal & cannabis together. Hence, Heavy Medical Seeds. So I set out to create my first strain. With many clones at my disposal and the desire to make a dent in the Chemdawg rush, I created Trendkiller by using a rare cut of Grape Widow and a male Snowdawg then inbred it. After that it was game on!


HMS is the concept of smashing the cannabis lifestyle with heavy metal inspiration & giving a little something back to the ones who gave us so much for so many years! 420 Hailz n Hornz to the metal legends! 


All seeds are produced by 1 person and harvested by family members. HMS are rare and are produced in low numbers & batches to ensure their premium viability.

Smoke Your Metal!  

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