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Blackberry Kush x White 88' G13 Haze Hashplant
Gorilla Glu Bagseed x Skunk #1
Skush x Kens Og

This is where the fun starts! Just like all bands that have started in a garage or even a basement, so do our genetics, for HMS. But we wanted to do more than just music inspired breeding, hence Basement Creations!

Aroma- Berries & hash

Taste- Pine berry kush

60 day flower with fairly hard nugs.

Buzz- Hard hitting indica upper body high.

Aroma- Heavy sweet kush

Taste- pine tar,sandalwood & berries

60 day flower with very hard nugs.

Buzz- Very cerbral head high


Taste-is bubblegum and Og Kush 

55-60 day flower.

Buzz- a medium cerebral indica type effect.