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In 2 words....FUCKING PANTERA! These guys made it acceptable to mix weed and heavy metal! The day Pantera hit the scene they were a force to be reckoned with. With a menagerie of pot inspired vokills and merch to follow, cannabis and Pantera were a marriage made in metal heaven.  Dimebag would long be the cannabis persona for up and coming aggrowvated cannabis fueled youth in the 90's. They took it to a New Level! With each and every album it was hard not to put in the new disc and fire up a fat bowl of the finest green. Needless to say as a kid growing up in the 90's having Pantera as background music to my life and as an adult cannabis grower now, making a cannabis strain in Pantera's honor was a big no brain'r, it is the least this fan could do.

If you know the lyrics of The Great Southern Trendkiller, you know thats its about phuk your trends and what's "Hip", I will cut out a path & invoke my will. Trendkiller was created with this in mind. Back in 09'-2010' when "Chemdawg" was blowing up I wanted to make something that killed that trend with a punch to the mouth taste & a cerebral drop kick to the head. At that moment Trendkiller was birthed.

                      Trendkiller F5


Snow Dawg v1 x Grape Widow IBL

*55-60 day flower

Can turn purple and can have purple trichs.

*Effect/Buzz: Body & Head,can be narcotic

*Resin Production- Moderate/High

*Feeding Level- Medium. No more than 150ppm's per each 600w

*Taste/Smell: Inhale berries & exhale fuel.

Menthol/Fuel with a Kushy Grape kick. Kind of like a sour berry muffin flavor. The taste is unique and is hard to describe in words. It has to be tasted to truly understand. The aroma while growing is that of kushy grapes or berries.

Snowdawg= Trend

Grape Widow= Killer

ThcA- 24%

Cbn- 3%

Cbg- 2%

Great Southern Trendkill - Pantera
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